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Master Guide Camp IV

23. juni 2017 - 26. juni 2017


Den 6. Master Guide Camp afholdes i Nordnorge – ikke langt fra Tromsø efter norsk målestok.

For tilmelding, skal du, ud over at melde dig til her på siden, udfylde denne PDF og sende til os på kontoret på

Korpset støtter rejsen (ikke opholdet) med 1000,- pr deltager – forvent en egenbetaling på ca. 1100-1400 for rejsen.

Bemærk hjemrejsedag tirsdag d. 27. juni.

Her er de officielle informationer på engelsk

Visa Letters

For participants who require a visa for Norway, applications should be received by the beginning of April to allow enough time for Visa invitation letters to be written and application appointments to be made at the Embassies.

The Campsite

We will be on the Adventist campsite Sommerfryd around 2 hours drive from Tromsø.
Sommerfryd leirsted,
Nedre Langnes
9302 Rossfjordstraumen

How to get there

The best way to get there is by plane to Tromsø Airport in Norway.
The bus to the campsite will depart from Tromsø Airport Friday 23rd June at 16:00
The bus to Tromsø Airport will depart from Sommerfryd Campsite Monday 26th June at 09:30
If you choose to drive… well, you will have a fantastic experience, but it will take you a few days each way.


We will be divided into units of 8 people. Since we are camping in the Artic area, you cannot use a normal tent. So you do not have to bring your own.
You can either choose to sleep indoor in small huts, or you can sleep in a special Artic tent with a wooden stove inside, and go for the “Full Artic Experience” so remember your sleeping bag, and a bed sheet. No tent or mattress.

What to bring

The temperature is probably from 4-18 degrees. But since you will have chance to climb a mountain where there is still perma frost, where you will walk in snow, good boots, hat and gloves would be good. Since the sun never sets, you do not need a headlamp or flashlight.

The “Midnight Sun Honour”

Everybody will have the chance to take the “Midnight Sun Honour”. On Saturday night we will all go and experience the Midnight Sun from a mountain. However, since the Midnight Sun Honour needs a clear sky (to see the sun never go down) we rely on the weather. So therefore, the programme can change during the weekend.

Stay longer

Since it is not very often (almost never) you visit the Land of Artic you might want to stay a day or 2 longer.
If you want to see a bit more of Tromsø on you own, we have space for around 10 people who could sleep in the Church building in Tromsø. You can contact the local pastor Andrew Campbell at and ask if it is possible to stay a night or two in the church.


Of course since we are in a artic area we will have some activities which is artic-ish. But we will also have more normal Pathfinder activities. But there will be overload of Bush craft/outdoor activities. The campsite normally offers canoeing, sauna, hiking, swimming (Yes… swimming… if there is not ice on the waterJ)

Skill Exchange

In each unit there will be time for skill exchange. So bring your best pathfinder activities and show your group the best you have.

Friday 23 June
16:00 Bus Departs from Tromsø Airport
18:00 Arrival and registering
18:30 Prepared Meal
20:00 Camp Opening
20:30 Worship

Sabbath 24 June
08:30 Breakfast
10:00 Church Service
11:00 Activities
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Activities
17:30 Dinner
19:00 Activities
21:00 Sabbath closing & Midnight Sun Honour

Sunday 25 June
08:30 Breakfast
09:00 Worship
10:00 Fishing Trip(optional, to an extra cost)
15:00 Activities
17:00 Dinner
21:00 Bonfire

Monday 26 June
07:30 Breakfast (and make lunch boxes)
09:30 Bus departure to Tromsø
11:30 Bus arrive at Tromsø Airport


23. juni 2017
26. juni 2017
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